The attorneys at Paes & Paes, LLC serve as mediators for employment and other issues in Sandy Hook, CT, Fairfield County and beyond, for those who want to resolve legal conflicts without resorting to the formal legal process.  This has the advantage of allowing both sides to take an active part in determining how to resolve the issue, rather than being told by a judge or jury.
We have served as mediators for employment, matrimonial, and other disputes and can assist individuals and companies engaged in mediation. 

Why Mediate?

The process of mediation offers several benefits over formal litigation:
  • It is often faster, and less expensive, than going to court – we CAN go to Court, that is not a problem. We just don’t recommend it as the first course of action.
  • It allows both sides to help find a solution that works for both, rather than being told the outcome by a judge or jury.  This is especially helpful when the parties have a continuing relationship they wish to preserve.

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